Commercial Products
Stella 0.8


Blame Stella for breaking your web application

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Stella is an agile testing tool for web applications. Software development has changed in a way that demands a new kind of toolset. Stella integrates quickly into your existing development process to help you run functional and performance tests throughout your product lifecycle.

Rudy 0.9


Not your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool

Now in public beta Follow on GitHub

Rudy is a development and deployment tool for Amazon EC2. Define infrastructure and processes using a powerful Ruby DSL* and Rudy takes care of the rest (like creating security groups and keypairs).

* domain specific language

OTHER PROJECTS Otto 0.3 Define Rack-apps in plain-text

Apps build with Otto have three, basic parts: a rackup file, a ruby file, and a routes file. If you've built a Rack app before, then you've seen a rackup file before. The ruby file is your actual app and the routes file is what Otto uses to map URI paths to a Ruby method.

Rye 0.9 Safe, parallel SSH from Ruby

Safely run SSH commands on a bunch of machines at the same time (from Ruby).

Gibbler 0.8 Git-like hashes and history for Ruby objects

Gibbler creates SHA1 digests of your Ruby objects so you can easily tell when changes have been made. You can also "commit" objects to revert or retrieve them later.

Tryouts 2.1 Put your tests in the comments.

Tryouts allows you to put your test expectations into comments so your test scripts look like sample code.

Bone 0.3 Remote environment variables

Bone is a command-line tool and Ruby library that acts just like environment variables. However, because the values are stored remotely, they can be accessed from any machine, anywhere. There's a Redis API and a REST API that securely signs each request using a secret (based on the one used by AWS).

Familia 0.7 A helper library for Redis.

Familia helps organize data stored in Redis.

Bluth 0.7 Simple, redis queuing.

A Redis queuing system built on top of Familia

Storable 0.8 Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats (yaml, json, csv, tsv)

It's cool to output an object as YAML or JSON.

Sysinfo 0.7 Basic, platform-specific, system information

SysInfo takes a very quick glance at the system it's running on and exposes the results as YAML, JSON, CSV, or TSV. It also determines a platform identifier for the system that takes the form: VM-OS-IMPLEMENTATION-ARCHITECTURE (e.g. ruby-unix-osx-x86_64).

Annoy 0.5 Like your annoying friend that asks you questions all the time.

Annoy helps you ask questions and simple, interactive questions on the command-line.