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Aug '09

Net::SSH 2.0.13 Released

posted by delano

I pushed the 2.0.13 maintenance release of Net::SSH today.

Notable Fixes

  • arcfour128, arcfour256, and arcfour512 support (GH-4)
  • Support for specifying a list of hosts in .ssh/config (GH-6)
  • Fix for hanging in ServerVersion#negotiate! when using SOCKS5 proxy (GH-9)

Known Issues

I could use help with the following bugs:

  • Doesn't work with Ruby 1.9 in Windows (GH-5)
  • PasswordAuthentication in ssh_config excludes all other auth methods (GH-8)
  • Net:SSH problem with open_channel (GH-1)


Via Rubygem, one of:

  • sudo gem install net-ssh
  • sudo gem install net-ssh-net-ssh --source

Via .tar.gz or .zip

More Info


I'd like to send a big thanks to Gerald Talton, ckoehler, Denis Bernard, and Karl Varga for their help.

This is my first official release as the new maintainer for Net::SSH. Please let know if you find any issues or problems.


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