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Jan '11

Gateway support for Rye, via Rye::Hop

posted by delano

Thanks to a fork from Vincent Batts, Rye now has gateway support!

rhop ='firewall.lan')
rbox ='filibuster', :via => rhop)
rbox.uptime     # => 20:53  up 1 day,  1:52, 4 users


rbox = 'filibuster', :via => 'firewall.lan'

Gateway support allows you to access machines through a tunnelled connection (similar to Net::SSH::Gateway). This functionality is available in the 0.9.3 release.


gem install rye --version 0.9.3

About Rye

Rye is a Ruby library that provides a safe, simple way to access Unix shells. You create an instance of Rye::Box and the methods you call against it are mapped to shell commands over SSH.

rbox ='hostname')
rbox.pwd                               # => "/home/rye"
rbox.uname :a                          # => "Darwin rye-stage 9.7.0 ..."

With the block syntax, Rye looks a lot like a shell script.

rbox.batch do
  cd 'redis-2.0.0-rc3'
  make 'install'

See the Github repo for more examples.

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