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Feb '13

So I made over 52,000 mistakes today

posted by delano

Earlier today I updated the net-ssh family of Ruby gems and I broke one of the rules of semantic versioning.

Specifically, rule #8:

8. Minor version Y (x.Y.z | x > 0) MUST be incremented if new,
backwards compatible functionality is introduced to the public API.

I broke Chef. I broke Vagrant. net-ssh is pretty far upstream so in just a couple hours there were over 52,000 installs of the offending gems, much to the chagrin of sysadmins and devops folks everywhere.

Note: If you have any of the following gems installed on your system, you should remove them: net-ssh-gateway-1.1.1, net-ssh-gateway-1.1.2, net-ssh-multi-1.1.1, net-ssh-multi-1.1.2, net-scp-1.0.5, and net-scp-1.0.6. See my previous post.

The err of my ways

I released three gems with the PATCH incremented instead of the MINOR version number. This makes a huge difference downstream because of the “twiddle-wakka”:

# Meanwhile, in chef.gemspec
s.add_dependency "net-ssh", "~> 2.2.2"
s.add_dependency "net-ssh-multi", "~> 1.1.0"

The ~> will fuzzily match any gems less than 1.2 but greater than or equal to 1.1.0. This feature strikes a balance between ">= 1.1.0" (which is too loose) and "= 1.1.0" (which is too strict). The problem is that net-ssh-multi-1.1.2 changed the net-ssh dependency to 2.6.5 which made Chef uninstallable due to the conflict between chef.gemspec and net-ssh-multi.gemspec (2.2.x vs 2.6.5). Feels bad man.

So if I ruined your day, send me your email, Twitter, Skype, or phone number and I will reply with a personal apology.

(Offer expires Feb 12th at 07:59 UTC).

On a more positive note

A big thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted, and opened issues to help get this resolved quickly. Although regrettable, this is the only significant issue with net-ssh and friends in the 4 years (and 18M downloads) that I’ve been maintaining them. I feel pretty good about that.

Incidentally, I updated the THANKS.txt that’s part of every net-ssh release today too. I added the names of all the people who contributed code since I’ve been maintaining it. Here they are:

  • GOTOU Yuuzou
  • Guillaume Marçais
  • Daniel Berger
  • Chris Andrews
  • Lee Jensen
  • Hiroshi Nakamura
  • Andreas Wolff
  • mhuffnagle
  • ohrite
  • iltempo
  • nagachika
  • Nobuhiro IMAI
  • arturaz
  • dubspeed
  • Andy Brody
  • Marco Sandrini
  • Ryosuke Yamazaki
  • muffl0n
  • pcn
  • musybite
  • Mark Imbriaco
  • Joel Watson
  • Woon Jung
  • Edmund Haselwanter
  • robbebob
  • Daniel Pittman
  • Markus Roberts
  • Gavin Brock
  • Rich Lane
  • Lee Marlow
  • xbaldauf
  • Delano Mandelbaum
  • Miklós Fazekas
  • Andy Lo-A-Foe
  • Jason Weathered
  • Hans de Graaff
  • Travis Reeder
  • Akinori MUSHA
  • Alex Peuchert
  • Daniel Azuma
  • Will Bryant
  • Gerald Talton
  • ckoehler
  • Karl Varga
  • Denis Bernard
  • Steven Hazel
  • Alex Holems
  • Andrew Babkin
  • Bob Cotton
  • Yanko Ivanov
  • Angel N. Sciortino
  • David Dollar
  • Timo Gatsonides
  • Matthew Todd
  • Brian Candler
  • Francis Sullivan
  • James Rosen
  • Mike Timm
  • guns
  • devrandom
  • kachick
  • Pablo Merino
  • thedarkone
  • czarneckid
  • jbarnette
  • watsonian
  • Grant Hutchins
  • Michael Schubert
  • mtrudel
  • and of course, Jamis Buck.

I know I’m not the only one who appreciates your time and effort. Thank you for making net-ssh better!

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